2000 Coachmen in Monterey, California

No Longer Available

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Ad Information

-Source: Craigslist
-State: California
-City: Monterey
-Asking Price: $12,500
-Contact: No Longer Available

Key Camper Facts

-Year: 2000
-Model/Trim: Coachmen
-Length: 19 FT
-Miles: 120k
-Engine: 8 cylinders

More Details: 2000 Coachman Ford E250 5.4L V8 camper van with propane 2 burner stove, refrigerator/ cold box, thermostat, fold out sofa/bed, shower ( small tub inside, shower outside ), 10 gal water tank, water heater, awning, A/C, Onan (only 58 hrs on it) generator, and pullout loft/ sleeper. There is no toilet- it was removed from the back step to allow loading access through the doors.

I’ve had this vehicle for a couple of years to tour the US and and find a new place to live. Now in Monterey / Carmel I’m settling and want to set this wonderful vehicle free to take a new owner on new adventures.

Its got a lot of bells and whistles for a camper van, enough to be able to live in it whilst traveling for a while.

The propane tank is under the side door, and is used to power the fridge with a smaller compartment icebox), stove, water heater and heater with thermostat.

The coach lights and power run from a secondary battery that is charged by the main engine battery when the van is moving. You can also plug the vehicle into an mains power source, to run your electric and fridge that way.

Cooking has been fun and easy around this two burner sink and cutting board. We’ve been able to make fresh catch fish, vegetables, salads etc etc all local , wherever we’ve been.

The water tank is under the sofa bed and is filled from outside on the same side as the gas tank. there is also a short tub at the back and a shower adapter on the outside. You can heat water and take an outdoor shower. the locks on boxes for those features don’t work very well and need to be replaced.
There is always tinkering that can be done!

There are a couple of small dings and marks on the vehicle- one that looks like a branch kissed it, and another small mark from a wing mirror that must have rubbed it up close.

Also there are some small works of art hidden on the vehicle; some eyes on either side camouflaging the ‘Coachman’ sticker, and there are a few on white images on the raised top. There are really only visible at certain angles when the light hits it. They are small ‘totems’ including some wings and the first man in space, that a well known artist friend put on the van to guide and protect on your journey.

All in all it’s been a great experience owning it, really trouble free, even in terms of city parking. Its been easy and trustworthy in every capacity.

It has been well maintained by myself and its previous owners, with the wear and tear you’d expect of a 15 year tiny house on wheels. It is perfect for stealthy city camping and wilderness boon docking, for short trips and longer adventures. It also has a great storage space, wardrobe spaces for clothes, and cabinets for pots/ pans. It also has rockin’ stereo and speaker system with USB connectivity and SD card capacity.

It now needs a new lucky owner to love and care for it, and it will care for you!


Camper Photos

2000 Monterey CA

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