1997 E250 in Boulder, Colorado

No Longer Available

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Ad Information

-Source: Craigslist
-State: Colorado
-City: Boulder
-Asking Price: $6,000
-Contact: No Longer Available

Key Camper Facts

-Year: 1997
-Model/Trim: E250
-Length: Not Listed
-Miles: 162k
-Engine: 8 cylinders

More Details: For sale: 1997 Ford E250 Camper Van. After building it up this past winter I have decided I no longer need it. Tons of work went into this thing to make it livable, more like a little apartment than a camper van. The van is completely built out, runs great, and is ready to adventure.

Ther Good:
-Only the second owner, and still have the original paperwork. The van has been cared for over it’s entire life.
-The van is mechanically sound, but does have an oil leak that I have been told isn’t worth fixing
-162,000 miles but running strong, the van has plenty of life left in it
-New brakes
-Fully insulated. Reflectix, denim insulation, and vapor barrier throughout. Foamular insulation under the flooring.
-Ceiling fan with thermostat, automatic rain sensor, and remote
-Hardwood flooring – Maple
-Wood interior
-Huge skylight, natural lighting goes a long way. Sliding door closes for privacy.
-100W Renogy Solar Panel & 10 amp MPPT Charge Controller
-Split charge relay to top off the auxillary battery when the vehicle is running
-125AH AMG Deep Cycle Battery
-600W Pure Sine Power Inverter
-Recessed LED lighting
-Custom Couch/Bed with storage underneath
-Custom Cabinetry, tons of storage for organization
-Custom cushions/bed. Cushion covers can be removed to throw in the wash
-Norcold Refrigerator with small freezer compartment
-Black out curtain for privacy
-Mini amp and speakers
-Fold down table attached to side door
-Book shelf/map rack
-Trailer hitch (although I never towed anything)

The Bad:
-The oil leak as mentioned above. Checking the oil periodically and topping it off solves the problem.
-One of the coils will need to be replaced soon, After bringing it into the shop they weren’t able to pin-point which one needs fixing, which is how I know this.
-Crack in the lower portion of the front windshield
-Dent in the driver side door/panel from where a car backed into it in a parking lot
-Side door will only open from the inside

Email if interested.


Camper Photos

1997 Boulder CO

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