1993 Econoline Custom in Minneapolis, MN

Last Updated: 9/3/2020

Asking Price: $7,000

1993 minneapolis mn

Key Camper Facts

  • Model Year: 1993
  • Trim / Maker: Econoline
  • Odometer: 226,000
  • Engine: See Below
  • Transmission: Automatic

Ad Information

  • Ad Source: Craigslist
  • Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Contact Name: Not Provided
  • Phone: See Link Below
  • Email: See Link Below


More Details & Photos

Despite the global coronavirus pandemic, there is still time for the great American road trip! This is your chance for an excellent quality vintage(ish) van that is a joy to look at and a joy to live in.

For sale is a Ford Econoline van customized by the company AdentureWagon. Built in 1993, it was owned by a single owner for 26 years up until 2019, when I bought it. This owner had an incredible devotion to this van, and religiously took care of all possible preventative maintenance on it (as well as keeping it clean), which is all recorded. When I bought it in 2019, I also sunk a few thousand dollars into fixing the air conditioning, U-joint, alternator, numerous belts, and other components, which is also recorded.

The interior of the van is furnished like an RV, with wooden floors and folding furniture. The middle section of the van is a kitchen area that features a fridge, stove, sink, cabinets, drawer, folding table, spice rack, and folding cutting board. In addition, the previous owner handmade a set of cupholders and a brush that match the interior styling. The rear of the van has a bench seat that can be folded down into a bed for sleeping. This bed has a brand-new queen-size foam mattress. The front of the van is most likely stock from Ford and is comfortable and spacious. There are two large storage compartments in the front and back. As mentioned before, the interior is very clean, and features almost nothing in the way of stains or scuffs.

The van connects to power and water, and has an internal propane tank that powers the stove and a furnace for heating. There are two 12V outlets in the van powered by the electricity hookup. In addition, there is an extra battery in the back that is powered by a solar panel on the top of the van that powers some small reading lights. All windows in the van can be opened slightly, even the sunroof. This allows for airflow that makes sleeping much more comfortable.

While vehicles from 1993 generally are harder to drive than vehicles today, due to their squirrely steering and lower acceleration, I can state with confidence that this vehicle has aged very little in its 27-year lifespan. The steering, acceleration, and handling of this van, while not quite as good as vans built today, are almost indistinguishable from the day it was driven off the lot.

Like any astute used van buyer, you are probably thinking about the engine and transmission. These are stock from 1993 and have over 200,000 miles on them. The best mechanics money can buy in Northern Iowa tell me that they are both in great shape, and history tells us that it is possible for them to reach 350,000, even 400,000 miles.

This will be an excellent companion in road trips for many years to come. I only hope that you give it some excitement and use.

P.S., One Fair Warning: The solar light system has gotten weaker recently, you may have to replace the battery.
$7000 OBO.

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