1988 Falcon in Clinton, IL

Last Updated: 10/24/2020

Asking Price: $12,500

1988 clinton il

Key Camper Facts

  • Model Year: 1988
  • Trim / Maker: Falcon
  • Odometer: 80,200
  • Engine: 8 cylinder
  • Transmission: Automatic

Ad Information

  • Ad Source: Craigslist
  • Location: Clinton, Illinois
  • Contact Name: Not Provided
  • Phone: See Link Below
  • Email: See Link Below


More Details & Photos

If the ad is still here, so is the van. Here is a video walkthrough: https://youtu.be/m2mxHrnY6tE

This is a 1988 Ford Falcon 170. Its on the ford E-250 3/4 ton chassis. It has a V8 Fuel injected 302 motor. Auto Trans(aod) It has 80,200 original miles. It is a great vintage van. You wont find another one of these this clean.
Power steering, power brakes, power windows. It runs great.

I bought this van last yr from my brother who owned it for 20 yrs.
So I do know its history. He bought another, and let this sit for 3 yrs. I have restored it by doing the following:

The windows have been removed, cleaned, recaulked and re-installed.
The drivers side interior wall had some water damage, from an open window, So I tore it all out,(the whole drivers side) re-insulated it, and a completely new lauan wall has been installed.
All of the carpet, bed mattresses, curtains have been tore out and thrown away.
A gray wooden laminate floor has been installed throughout, and new carpet in the cockpit.
The doghouse has been cleaned up, and painted to match the van.
The upper bed is all brand new, rebuilt with new wood, and a new mattress.
The couch bed has a new mattress, and a custom cover.
Underneath the bed, the wood frame has been replaced as needed
The two cockpit seats have been removed, thoroughly cleaned, and new covers have been installed over them. The seat swivel bases have been oiled.
I did not use the dining table, But I do still have it. Its included.
Reflectix has been cut to fit every window, and painted to match the van(just to make them a little more stealthy).
The screens on the flip out windows have been removed, and cleaned.
The toilet has been removed, thoroughly cleaned and re-installed with a new gasket
A new shower head and hose has been installed that is long enough to allow you to shower outside if you choose.
A new vinyl floor has been installed in the bathroom, and a new shower curtain.
A small kitchen shelf has been built and installed above the hot water heater.
The pull out pantry has been removed, cleaned, oiled and reinstalled.
The whole interior has been cleaned and then painted.

Exterior of van:
Pressure washed, cleaned, and waxed.
New vent caps on roof
Roof has been sealed by re-caulking any voids
Roof air unit has been cleaned
3 very tiny surface rust spots have been repaired and repainted (these are all very tiny, I probably got too obsessive here, you probably wont be able to pick them out)
New spare tire cover
Outer Covers for water heater, fridge, removed, cleaned and repainted.
A custom awning has been made(nothing special, just a tarp and a couple adjustable legs left over from a canopy, but it works great)

Its probably easier to list what hasnt been done, but here goes:

New Walker exhaust from manifold back. Including Catalytic Converter and muffler.
New 02 Sensor
New Throttle position sensor
New Idle Air control
New radiator hoses
New vacuum lines
New Alternator(the big 75 amp, not the scrawny stock 60 amp)
New Coolant temp sensors(theres 2)
New Water pump
Water pump pulley was missing, so I found a “new” one in TX (this was a pain to find)
New timing cover
Checked and adjusted timing chain while it was open
Throttle body removed, thoroughly cleaned
New Fuel pump relay
New fuel filter
New fuel pump(the inline one)
Fuel injectors removed and cleaned
New fuel line
Fuel pump regulator removed, tested , cleaned
New motorcraft spark plugs and wires
New Coil pack
New valve cover gasket
All fluids and filters removed and replaced
New transmission cooler lines
Radiator removed, cleaned and flushed
New distributor cap and rotor
Checked and reset engine timing
New Battery
New Wiper blades
Tires are Firestone Transforce HT, my brother had bought these right before he parked it. So they look almost new. But have some weather cracking from sitting. The spare has never been used.
New front brake pads
New front caliper
Rear drum brakes have been removed, cleaned, inspected
Recharged the AC. It seems to be holding and works well.
New line for the smog pump
New serpentine belt
New bulbs for brake lights
New motor for drivers window
New Headlights
New Transmission filter and fluid
A note: These vans have dual fuel tanks, and the valve that switches them is notorious for failing. My brother said he replaced it twice. At a cost of $250 each time, So I just bypassed it with new fuel line. So now only the rear tank works(its the larger tank). I did however leave all the pieces bolted underneath the van, so you could reconnect if you so desire.

The reason I changed all these parts is because I’ve heard people say “its still a 32 yr old vehicle” and you are right, it is. But I tried to replace everything that could leave you stranded on the side of the road. Which no one wants.

The original dometic refrigerator was toast. I couldnt get it to work.Looked around for a new one, couldnt find one that size, So I just gave up and installed a small electric fridge. Its brand new. (I did leave all the hookups for the dometic, just in case you want to get one installed. And yes, I did plug the propane line ūüėČ
The stove has been removed, cleaned and reinstalled. Propane tank holds propane.
The sink works as it should. The holding tanks are all good, and the drains work.
I removed and replaced the furnace because it was ugly looking and rusty. Replaced with a used, but like new original dometic replacement.
The roof ac works, blows cold.
Installed a 1600 watt microwave oven. Electric only.
Hot water heater- Holds water, and works.

This camper van just returned from a trip to oregon. With stops in yellowstone, the badlands and the grand tetons. It performed wonderfully, climbed mountains, and descended the passes.

So whats wrong with it?
Fuel gauge doesnt work, I kept track of mileage, and had no problems. It got 15mpg overall.
And occasionally the drivers window will stick.
It needs an onshore battery, the marine type for stealth camping.

comes with some extras, like a brand new in the hitch bike rack, outside floor mat 8×12, some tank antifreeze, the original table, new jack,
heres a video of it:

if the link to the walkthrough video is removed, go to youtube and search for user dtexploring

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